Katrina Baccetti

B.A. Psychology + Philosophy, ERYT500, Yoga + Mindset Coach

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, it was my passion for volleyball and fitness that led me to discover the immensely transformational practice of yoga. Now, I'm here to be of service to the community and share the wisdom of this practice with you.

Yoga is union, oneness, love, and balance. I found yoga at a time in my life when I was lost, unhappy, and disconnected. Yoga has cleared a path for me to return home to myself and love who I am to the core. If we cannot unconditionally love ourselves, we will never find true happiness. Yoga is everywhere: on the mat, in our relationships, in the way we view ourselves and the world arounds us. Yoga is a path to minimize suffering and make the most of this beautiful life experience.

Through the power of mindfulness, attention, intention, and ritual, we all possess the power to create and inspire the changes we want to see. Life is about learning, growing, healing, accepting, and making the most of the things that come our way. We practice yoga to learn to navigate the hard times, and appreciate the times where everything flows with ease.

My deepest hope is to create a supportive community that empowers students to connect with the healing powers of this practice. I hope to remind each of us of the immense power we possess to cultivate stillness, strength, and radical self-love through daily movement.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.