The Yoga Alchemist

3 Month Transformation Journey with Personalized Wellness Coaching + Yoga Mentorship for Ultimate Mind-Body Mastery

inspired by a concept

The Yoga Alchemist

The Yoga Alchemist
 embraces yoga as a powerful tool for unlimited creation, transmutation, and inner transformation.

understanding the practice

The Meaning of Yoga

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj, meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite.'

Yoga is often broadly understood as ‘union’ of the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness, a realization of oneness, and a perfect harmony between mind and body.

Generally speaking, yoga can be understood as a powerful means to an end. The ultimate end of all human pursuits is Moksha, ‘the state of liberation.’

the goal of yoga

Moksha: The State of Liberation

 is the ultimate state of freedom; moksha is freedom from suffering, insecurities, material desires, limitations, and inadequacy. Essentially, it is freedom from all that holds us back in life.

Moksha brings happiness, everlasting peace, and an overall sense of fulfillment. Moksha is possible through consistent, sincere, and prolonged yoga practice.

Living in freedom, health, and harmony are considered the main objectives of the yoga practice.


becoming the yoga alchemist

Yoga Mentorship for Limitless Potential

Turning Struggles into Opportunities for Strength, Growth, Resilience, and Healing.

After years of struggling with anxiety, disconnection, lack of self-love, lack of motivation, destructive habits, and negative states of being, I’ve finally found healing through yoga. I’ve unearthed my purpose, rediscovered unconditional love for myself, and taught my body to move in incredible ways. I now believe, without a doubt, in my own limitless potential and I’m here to help you do the same.


this practice is magic

Inspired by the idea of The Yoga Alchemist, I decided to offer a unique  mentorship opportunity to help students embrace yoga practice as a tool for unlimited creation, transmutation, and inner transformation.

This program will offer a 3 month yoga immersion, where students will learn to practice yoga consistently. This program is designed to reveal new ways of moving, thinking, feeling, and being in the world.

This ultimate goal of this program is to guide and support students on their path to moksha (liberation), while also creating space for each student to experience the immensely transformative and healing benefits of this practice.

This program will offer a unique opportunity to work closely with me as both a yoga teacher and a personal wellness coach. Working in this way will allow each student to find even greater success on their path to growth and healing through individualized support, guidance, insight, and customized yoga practices.

my experience and expertise

This program will offer you the combined knowledge of my 7+ years of yoga practice, 5 years teaching experience, 500+ hours of teacher training, and hundreds of practice hours with some of the world's most well respected yoga teachers.

I've led retreats, hosted over 50 workshops, and taught at 2 yoga teacher trainings. I’ve traveled the world to study and practice yoga. I spent a month in Goa, India, where I completed my 200 hour teacher training. I also spent 3 weeks traveling northern India on a spiritual pilgrimage, where I spent time living in ashrams, visiting temples, and hiking the Himalayas. I most recently visited Mallorca, Spain to practice and learn with a globally recognized Ashtanga teacher. I'll forever be a student of this practice and I'm grateful for the many learning opportunities that have come my way so far.

my offering to students

Through this mentorship program, I’ll offer you the most potent tools, knowledge, and wisdom that I’ve received through my years of experience as both a teacher and a student. 

In my role as a yoga teacher, wellness coach, and mentor, I’ll teach you to adopt the transformative practices of yoga, meditation, and mindset training as a daily practice (just as I’ve done myself).

Join me to rediscover your own limitless potential to take action, evolve, grow, and become the best possible expression of YOU!

I’m here to ensure that you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing every step of the way to find success, connection, joy, and growth in anything and everything you do in life. 

Program Details

This multidimensional and comprehensive immersion will offer abundant practices for strength, clarity, radical self-love, and purpose.

Daily Yoga Practice

Build, develop, and refine your yoga practice from the ground up. Learn to move mindfully and breathe deeply as you practice. Each month, we will work together and choose a new pose for you to work towards. Each month I will offer you 4 live practices via Zoom and teach you personalized sequences to help you reach your unique goals. Following each of these sessions, I'll send you a copy of the recorded sequence for additional practice. This program will also offer access to all of my live classes through Glow Yoga SF. 

Mindset Training

Mindset training helps us shine the light of awareness into the darkest parts of ourselves so that we can heal and move beyond the things that hold us back. We'll practice training the mind through a combination of meditation, mindset training, and simple mindfulness exercises. We'll also work with monthly journaling prompts during the new and full moons to help you connect with your soul's path. Training the mind is essential— it's designed to support your consistency in practice and your success and happiness in life, within the 3 month program and beyond.

Wellness Coaching + Mentorship

Throughout the 3 month program we will have an opportunity to work and practice closely together. I'm here to support YOU and ensure that you stay accountable and find success in all areas of wellness. I'll provide you personalized coaching from years of experience in many areas of wellness, including: healthy relationships, creating change from within, letting go, mindful eating, and creating space to heal. This program will meet YOU where you are today, so that you can get to where you want to be faster and with more clarity and support. 

the transformation process

The Path to Mastery of Body, Mind, and Destiny

The real magic begins when you come to realize that you are the author of your own story, and ultimately, the conscious creator of your own destiny.



master your body

I've practiced Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga nearly every day for the past 5 years. I love to challenge my body and train for strength and mobility. I’ve come to find that when the body becomes physically strong, it’s only natural for the mind to follow. When we focus on building physical strength and challenging the body, we are simultaneously strengthening the mind and learning self-discipline.


master your mind

In addition to the physical transformation, this program is designed to help you train your mind to support your success and happiness overall. This program will offer meditation exercises and mindset training tools to enrich your life with awareness and knowledge for purposeful action and self-discipline. Once we're aware of our mindset, we can choose to change that which no longer serves us. This program will help you rediscover unconditional love for yourself and remind you of your own limitless potential to create the life you want to live. 


master your destiny

Each of these practices will help you create BIG shifts in your life by targeting the physical, mental, and energetic aspects of ourselves. As we begin to find mastery over each of these aspects of ourselves, we eventually come to realize our full potential and manifest our destiny. You’ll be working closely with me throughout the program to ensure you stay on track with your unique wellness goals and realize your unlimited potential to create the life that you want to live. It’s going to be incredible and life changing! There is magic waiting around every corner in life, if we can just open our hearts to see it. Allow me to show you the way! In working together, there’s truly no limit to what we can accomplish.

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