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The Secret to Stop Doubting Yourself & Build Confidence Naturally

action confidence identity positive action self-esteem self-talk self-worth Nov 03, 2021

Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Mindset

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Self-esteem is confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Low self-esteem leads to a lack confidence in oneself.

Our identity, beliefs, perceptions, self-talk, and self-esteem are developed through the lens of our past experiences.

This means that new experiences can create space to develop a new identity, new beliefs, new perspectives, new ways of thinking about yourself, and newfound confidence.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem

The Influence of External Factors

If you have low self-esteem and lack confidence, the first thing you should know is it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

Our self-esteem and confidence is developed through the lens of our past experiences.

Low self-esteem can stem from past experiences involving bullying, mean-spirited comments, abusive or unhealthy relationships, financial hardships, or basically any traumatic event.

Capitalism and technology have also programmed us to feel "not enough" through constant exposure to celebrities and influencers, social media, unattainable beauty standards, anti-aging products, fast fashion trends, and hustle culture.

Owning Your Power and Mindset 

If you choose to believe that you are "not a confident person and will never be a confident person"— this is a limiting belief that will need to change in order for you to build confidence.

PRO TIP: No matter what you choose to believe about yourself, you're going to be right. 

Remember that YOU are the only person with the power to change your personal beliefs and perspective. YOU are the only one with the power to decide to intentionally start opening up your perspective and building your self-esteem & confidence.

The Secret To Building Confidence

The good news is that I've found a simple method to build self-esteem and confidence in the long term. This method has been tested and proven time and time again by myself and by my students.

The secret to building confidence and self-esteem is...

Practice taking positive action that aligns with your long term goals.

Here's a few examples of positive action:

  • yoga asana or any type of mindful movement
  • meditation & mindfulness practices
  • breathwork exercises & pranayama
  • embarking on a new adventure
  • traveling alone or doing a solo trip
  • learning & developing a new skill
  • trying a new hike, workout, or exercise class
  • training for a race
  • joining a new community
  • putting yourself out there in a new way

The more you action you take, the more you will realize you CAN do, and the more confidence you'll build in your own abilities.

As you develop new skills, you'll build confidence naturally while confirming new positive beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

The Key to Long Term Growth

Practice, Repetition, & Consistency

All disciplines and practices will require repetition & consistency to build competence and develop new skills. Each time we develop a new skill and prove our own competence, we will naturally feel more empowered and confident in our abilities.

  • You can't expect to try something once and immediately be great at it.
  • You can't try something once and immediately assume “it’s not right for you”  because it was challenging or you weren't able to do it at first.
  • Trying new things and putting yourself out there in new ways will naturally build independence, and the more you practice this, the more confident you will feel
  • Meeting new people or joining an an uplifting community can help you find new perspectives and discover new things to appreciate about yourself. 
  • If you continue to repeat the same routines you've been repeating for the past 5 years, you will be reinforcing the same familiar patterns of thinking, feeling, and believing.
  • If you aren't challenging yourself in new ways, you aren't growing, and if you aren't growing, you're probably hurting.

Getting out of your comfort zone is key to growth— mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem Through Yoga

In my work as a yoga + mindset coach, I help my students leverage the power of yoga practice as a tool to build self-love & confidence.

My signature SOUL Methodology gives students a roadmap to take positive action towards their goals, while redefining their relationship to the self.

My students have seen huge success implementing the SOUL Method, including major mindset breakthroughs, plus enhanced feelings of self-worth and confidence in the long term.

To learn more about my signature 1:1 SOUL Method Coaching Program, and join the waitlist to work with me in 2022 here.

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Wishing you all the best on your journey!💜


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