SOUL Method

1:1 Yoga Mindset Coaching

Our signature 12 week coaching program will teach you to practice yoga daily, build healthy habits, and develop a loving relationship with yourself so that you can stop struggling and start THRIVING.
Learn to embrace the practice of yoga as a way of life and discover your own unlimited potential to feel more abundant and aligned than ever before.


Our signature 4 step SOUL methodology offers a proven process to achieve radical yoga + mindset transformation.


It's time to reclaim your power and own your body, mindset, and emotions.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. Your mindset shapes your life experience.

At the end of the day, your mindset will either ☞︎

✅support your success and fulfillment in life
❌hold you back and make you feel limited

The reality is that MOST people are limited by their mindset. Most people struggle with a negative voice in their head, offering daily reminders of their flaws, failures, and imperfections.

Few people are authentically empowered and feel confident and whole in their own skin. Few people have the tools and awareness required to free themselves from their own unnecessary mental suffering.

And that's where I come into play...

My area of expertise is in helping women transform their mindsets from self-doubting to self-supporting.

My signature 4-step SOUL Methodology provides a roadmap for you to learn to master your body, mindset, and emotions.

SOUL Method will help you discover your true potential and find empowerment through daily yoga practice.


If you’re SICK AND TIRED of dealing with… 

❌lack of support/guidance to create your best life

❌negative self-talk and lack of confidence

❌bad habits and/or self-sabotage

❌feeling stressed/worried/disconnected

My signature SOUL methodology will teach you EVERYTHING you need to access your inner power and create a lifestyle that allows you to heal and harmonize mind-body-soul.

✅The SOUL Method will take you through EVERY DETAIL you need to integrate the healing wisdom of yoga into all areas of your life, while empowering you to build lifelong healthy habits and radical self-love.

I’ve helped people in your SAME position transform their lives through with my 5 years of yoga teaching + daily practice experience.

SOUL alumni have experienced some INCREDIBLE RESULTS, including: developing a badass yoga practice, radical clarity and insight, and a self-supporting mindset. 🎉

If you want to get stronger and more flexible, mentally, physically, and emotionally, SOUL Method is perfect for you. 🙃

Client Testimonials

Meet Lianna


Learn about Lianna's experience and incredible results in SOUL Method!


Meet Tara


Before SOUL Method, I struggled with self-image and I lacked confidence in myself because I didn’t really prioritize self-care like I should have, nor did I really know how to.

My past experiences conditioned me to believe that I didn’t know how to stick with something in the long term, and it got to the point where I became the negative voice in my head, telling myself “I can’t.”

I struggled with negative self-talk and I would put pressure on myself to be “perfect”, and when I wouldn’t follow through, I felt like a failure.

After working with Katrina in SOUL, I see the true value in taking time for yourself and how important it is to prioritize self-care through the practice of yoga.

This program made me aware of how my inner dialogue was holding me back mentally, emotionally, and physically. SOUL Method gave me the guidance I needed to start making real changes.

I now know that I have the power to choose how I want to think about myself and my life— it’s all about mindset!

This program helped me honor and accept things I'd been avoiding in myself for so long, out of fear.

Now, I can finally see the potential I have to offer this world and that has helped me grow stronger in my self-image and self-worth.

If you’re thinking about doing SOUL Method, just know that IT'S WORTH IT.

Katrina's coaching will help you see your true potential, make yoga practice FUN, and give you the confidence you need to move forward in life as your best self.

The amount of joy that this journey has brought into my life over the past few months has been nothing short of amazing and life-changing.

Sometimes all it takes is having someone else believe in you, to help you start believing in yourself.

What's Included

1:1 Yoga Practices

Yoga practice is the tool we use to achieve radical transformation of mindset, body, and emotions. Program includes 1:1 practice sessions on zoom + recorded sequences for self-practice.

1:1 Coaching

Weekly coaching calls will provide you with individual guidance and support. I'm here to answer all of your questions and offer you my knowledge + insight.

Mindset Education

SOUL Method includes 10 educational modules to guide you through every detail and step required to integrate yoga more fully into all areas of life and transform the relationship you have with yourself.


Although we often know what we should be doing, taking action to do those things is not always an easy task. I'm here to help you develop self-discipline and stay committed on your journey.

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