6 Week Mind-Body Transformation

Find Your Inner Peace, Purpose, and Power through Daily Yoga Training

Course Benefits

Build Strength and Flexibility

Through commitment and consistency of daily movement, you will be able to develop a sound foundation of strength, mobility, and a powerful sense of resilience. Learn to move your body with intelligence and intention, synchronizing each movement with the breath. Through intuitive movement, you will have an opportunity to boost your energetic state, build vigor, and release stagnation.

Set Goals that Support Self-Worth

Through the reflective practice of journaling, you will be able to set goals, keep small promises, and introspect on your soul’s inner workings; ultimately cultivating a deep sense of self trust and self-worth. Through a refined writing practice, you will learn to navigate through life and yourself with clarity and calm; confidently checking off your accomplishments as you go along.

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Your mindset determines your quality of life. Your mind is a powerful tool that can manifest a life of abundance, vitality, and positive purpose. Learn potent practices to enhance self-awareness, shift your mental state, and essentially magnetize a life of meaning and magic.

Harness Healthy Habits

Feel better now by taking small but meaningful steps towards your goals each day. Release the old and welcome the new. Re-awaken your mind, body and soul by recognizing self-sabotaging habits that no longer serve you. Ignite forgiveness and unearth a fresh perspective to create space for a renewed sense of self and solidarity.

Discover your true potential through daily yoga practice

Investing in your mental and physical health will always be worth it. The time to feel better is now. Transform your mind, body, and life through the practice of yoga. 

What's Included in the Course

Daily Yoga + Meditation Practice

Course includes 6 pre-recorded yoga classes + meditation, with a new sequence introduced each week. Plan to spend 60 - 75 minutes practicing daily, 6 days per week.  Each week, we will progress our practice by building on the previous week’s material.

Mindset Training for Success

Course will offer weekly Mindset Training through pre-recorded video content and lecture notes. Topics of discussion include: Goal Setting, The Role Of Identity, Eliminating Bad Habits, Overcoming Challenges, Practicing Gratitude, Developing Resilience, and Personal Evolution & Lifelong Growth

Journaling + Accountability

Weekly journaling prompts will inspire personal reflection and encourage growth. The weekly accountability log will help you stay committed to your goals and your practice.

Client Testimonials

I am SO glad that I completed Katrina’s course! 10/10, highly recommended.

It helped me reestablish my mind-body connection, and at the same time, it was perfectly challenging and engaging. I’ve learned so much about listening to my body and cultivating mindfulness through the practice. I’m deeply grateful to be back on my spiritual journey! The best part of the course is the generous support, helpful knowledge, and thoughtful guidance provided by Katrina. My favorite phrase of hers, “the time to begin is now". β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ’•


I’m so very grateful to Katrina and her 6 Week Mind-Body Transformation Course.

I’ll be honest, it was hard, but in a way that makes you feel really proud of yourself when you get it done. The program builds on itself, and each day you’re able to feel a change. 

I feel better, I look better (both emotionally and physically), and I’ve got some structure in my life that I didn’t have otherwise during this pandemic.


Katrina’s course encouraged me to stay on track with my practice and my life goals.

I really enjoyed practicing along to Katrina’s calm and patient instruction each day. The practice allowed me to feel at peace and accomplished. This course inspired me to keep showing up to the mat each day so that I can continue to work towards becoming the best possible version of myself.


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6 Week Mind-Body Transformation

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