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Feel Better Now with Self-Massage

Join us to soothe your nervous system, release tension, decrease pain, and improve mobility. Learn to care for your body intuitively through the practice of self-massage. Need a set of Tune up balls for your home practice? Links to purchase included below.

Slightly Larger Size, $18 on Amazon
Original Size, $16 on Amazon

Express Destress Back Body Sequence

Self-massage class to focus on the IT Band, Gluteus, Lower Back, Shoulder Blades, and Neck.

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Essential Upper Body Work From Home Sequence

Self-massage class to focus on the Upper Back, Neck, Jaw, and Wrists.

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Ultimate Lower Back Relief Sequence

Self-massage class + gentle stretching to relieve Lower Back Pain and Tension.

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Lower Body Release Sequence

Self-massage class to release the Hips, Legs, and Feet.

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Movement Practices for All Levels

Join in for mindful HIIT, yin-inspired flow, and mantra + movement practices.

Gentle Yin-Inspired Sequence

A Gentle Yoga practice to stretch and breathe deeply.

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Movement Through Mantra

Practice positive thinking and mantra in this sun salutation based gentle flow class.

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Mindful HIIT

Get the entire body moving with this mindful cardio, core, and strength training class.

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Practice Defying Gravity

Join in to strengthen your core and learn to engage your back body to support your success in arm balances.

Arm Balance Flow 1

Journey to Twisted Roots Arm Balance.

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Arm Balance Flow 2

Journey to Firefly Pose, or Titibasana.

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Arm Balance Flow 3

Journey to Flying Pigeon Pose, or Eka Pada Galavasana.

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