Arm Balance Accelerator

Learn to balance on your hands in 6 weeks!

Transform your core with only 20 minutes of daily training. Feel lighter, stronger, and more confident as you feel yourself progress each day.

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Course Benefits

Learn about what the Arm Balance Accelerator can offer you.


Solidify and integrate your core strength. Improve your mobility and stamina while learning to challenge yourself mindfully.


Set your body up for success in arm balances through intentional alignment, core activation, and understanding how to shift your body weight.


Refine your awareness in arm balances and find your staying power. Learn how to integrate playful and challenging transitions into your practice.

Everything You Need To Build A Successful Arm Balancing Practice

With good technique and daily practice, anything is possible. Watch your body, mindset, and practice transform with only 20 minutes of daily training for 6 weeks.