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3 Steps to Succeed at Anything

goal setting goals growth mindset personal growth progress purpose success Sep 17, 2020

A Quick No-Nonsense Guide to Figuring out Who You Are, What You Want to Accomplish, and How to Get There.


Step 1

The first step is to get clear with what it is that you want to achieve or accomplish in life. It is SO important to set goals for yourself. 

Goals help us differentiate that which is important and meaningful to us from that which is irrelevant or simply a distraction. 

If we don’t have any goals, then we aren’t directing our energy in any particular direction. 

When we aren’t directing our energy towards anything in particular, our energy becomes scattered. When we are unable to direct our energy towards the things that are actually meaningful to us, then we lose connection to our purpose. 

When this happens, we might find ourselves subconsciously investing our energy into things that either: create unnecessary inner turmoil or simply drain our life energy. For example, we might find ourselves subconsciously investing our precious energy into: negative thought patterns, overuse of social media and/or TV, and a myriad of other harmful and self-destructive habits. 

At this stage, we might begin to feel constantly drained or like we have no energy to live life. This happens because we are subconsciously investing our energy into things that are either irrelevant or simply a distraction. 

We begin to find ourselves in an even worse predicament when this whole pattern becomes our way of being and our mind becomes addicted to thinking in this particular way; essentially autopiloting us through the same unfulfilling pattern again and again. 

The only way to change this is by mindfully taking steps to change and investing your energy into things that truly matter to you. It's up to you to figure out what exactly that is.

Begin this process by taking time to connect with your goals. Follow your heart to discover what it is that you want to accomplish in life and what type of life you want to live.

Your goals should vary; some long term, some short term, some large and some small. You should have goals that are manageable and also goals that scare you a little! Don’t be shy! Life is short-- what do you want to accomplish while you’re here? 

Step 2 

We must become aware of any conscious or subconscious patterns of thought or behavior that might be running on autopilot.

The only way to reprogram subconscious patterns of thought and behavior is to practice becoming aware of how you're thinking on a regular basis. Once you become aware of how you're thinking and behaving, then you can ultimately start to take steps to change any thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you

Once you’re aware of your thoughts and behaviors, notice when you begin to invest your energy into things that are irrelevant or a distraction. This could manifest as unnecessarily overthinking, being overly concerned with what OTHER people are doing, worrying or ruminating, stressing; basically anything that is wasting your precious time and energy and holding you back from showing up your best and working towards your goals. 

Step 3

You have to remember that the present moment always offers us a CHOICE. You have a choice in how you want to invest your energy. 

You can either choose to: 

  1. Waste your time investing your energy into what other people are doing and allow yourself to fall victim to negative thought and behavior patterns.
  2. CHOOSE to take ACTION and invest your energy into yourself and into your goals. If you continue to take action and small steps towards your goals daily, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. The most important thing is that you actually believe that you can accomplish the unimaginable in the first place. If you don't believe you can, then you're setting yourself up for failure.

Final Words

Happiness is a habit. It’s a choice to take action and direct your time and energy towards things that truly matter to you, again and again.

I believe that true happiness is attained through finding your purpose, making a commitment to yourself, and taking small steps towards your life goals each day. 

The content in this post provides just a small glimpse into the mindset training that I offer students in my 6 Week Mind-Body Transformation course. 

In the course, we work on setting our goals, working towards them, and simultaneously becoming aware of any habits that might be holding us back from showing up our best and accomplishing our goals in life.  

Allow me to help you along your journey. Learn more about what I’m offering in my 6 Week Mind-Body Transformation course here


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