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A Yogi’s Solution to the Uncertainty and Chaos of 2020

6 week mind-body transformation happiness healing health healthy habits meditation practice transformation yoga yoga course Sep 17, 2020

It’s Been An Unpredictable And Wild Year, Right?

With the global pandemic, the social and political tension, the extreme weather conditions due to the warming climate; there has been A LOT on everyone’s mind lately.

One of the main things I’ve been hearing from people since this past March is that there is an exponential amount of stress, depression, and sadness being experienced within our local and global communities.

I, like many others, have also experienced great change during these turbulent times and lost several of my jobs due to the pandemic, but instead of letting it get me down I decided to take action.

To be completely honest, this year has probably been the most eye-opening and growth-focused year of my life so far; and to be real-- I feel happier and healthier than ever before.

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. There’s a lot of heavy stuff going on in the world right now, but does that mean that everyone is doomed to suffer and take on the pain of the world? My answer to that question is: NO, of course not. It’s not the job of any individual to take on the collective pain, but rather it IS the job of the individual to take care of themself and make sure they are doing the inner work needed to show up their best in life.

Even with tension, chaos, and sadness surrounding us, we don’t have to allow the negativity to affect us personally. In fact, I would suggest that one of the only ways to remedy the collective state of crisis is to focus on taking care of the whole of yourself: body, mind, and soul.

So many of us are wasting our precious life energy away; stressing, worrying, arguing, comparing, judging, and resisting the changes that come our way. So, I’m here to encourage you to open your heart to the unpredictable nature of life and practice radical self-care.

I’m here to tell you that life doesn't have to feel so heavy. You will NOT be able to control the chaos of the world. Our greatest power lies in managing our response to whatever is happening around us. Ultimately, we have a simple CHOICE. A choice to either let ourselves sweat the small stuff, or choose to free ourselves from the chains of the past and find solace within ourselves in the present moment.

All of this inspired me to come up with a little solution to “solve” the collective state of unrest from my little corner of the world. That solution was to create an online yoga course to inspire transformation from within. A course to help individuals focus on themselves, and to create space for personal growth and healing.

My Solution: A 6 Week Journey to A Happier and Healthier You

For the past 5 months I've spent my days reflecting, recording, writing, meditating, and practicing yoga.

My online yoga course is designed to offer students the knowledge, tools, and wisdom that have transformed my life personally and improved my quality of life in all areas.

Through this course, you will learn to practice yoga and meditation daily, stay accountable for your physical and mental well being, and train your body and mind to be strong and flexible.

This course is essentially providing students an opportunity to press the reset button on life and begin again. A fresh start.

In this course we practice creating sustainable and lasting change from within by targeting: the physical body (through strength & flexibility focused yoga training) and the mind (through meditation, mindset training, and journaling).

We’ll practice releasing negativity and teach ourselves to recognize life's silver linings and improve our quality of life in all areas.


Build Strength and Flexibility
Through commitment and consistency of daily movement, you will be able to develop a sound foundation of strength, mobility, and a powerful sense of resilience. Learn to move your body with intelligence and intention, synchronizing each movement with the breath. Through intuitive movement, you will have an opportunity to boost your energetic state, build vigor, and release stagnation.

Set Goals that Support Self-Worth
Through the reflective practice of journaling, you will be able to set goals, keep small promises, and introspect on your soul’s inner workings; ultimately cultivating a deep sense of self trust and self-worth. Through a refined writing practice, you will learn to navigate through life and yourself with clarity and calm; confidently checking off your accomplishments as you go along.

Cultivate a Positive Mindset
Your mindset determines your quality of life. Learn to identify and eliminate bad mental habits that diminish our mental strength and happiness. Your mind is a powerful tool that can manifest a life of abundance, vitality, and positive purpose. Learn potent practices to enhance self-awareness, shift your mental state, and essentially magnetize a life of meaning and magic.

Harness Healthy Habits + Rituals
Feel better now by taking small but meaningful steps towards your goals each day. Release the old and welcome the new. Re-awaken your mind, body and soul by recognizing self-sabotaging habits that no longer serve you. Ignite forgiveness and unearth a fresh perspective to create space for a renewed sense of self and solidarity.

Finding Solace and True Happiness from Within

It takes patience, practice, occasional failure, and a true desire to evolve oneself to produce real and lasting change from within.

The 6 week journey I offer in my course will give you the information and guidance you need to transform your mind, body, and ultimately your life through the practice of yoga.

Happiness in life comes from having a purpose. Make your mental and physical health your purpose! Plus, it’s always a good time to invest in your mental and physical health, especially in our chaotic modern world.

There is no dress rehearsal in life. We only have one chance, and it starts with the choices that we make right now, in the present moment.

Live the life that you have always wanted to live. Join me on the mat.

To learn more about my teachings and what I'm offering in my online course, check out my course information page here.

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