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The Influence Of Identity: Success vs. Failure

awareness identity mindfulness mindset mindset training perception personal evolution programming success Oct 27, 2020

Developing Awareness of Our Identity

Our Identity is shaped by our upbringing and our past experiences.

Our identity includes: the way we describe and think about ourself, the way we are viewed through the eyes of others, and the characteristics that define us. 

It's important to note that we all tend to have a default identity and a default emotion that we habitually return to.

A simple way to become aware of our default identity and emotion is:

  1. Watch the way you think, feel, and communicate on a regular basis
  2. Notice how you react when things don't go as planned

Trust me, I've been practicing this myself for some time now and what I observe about myself is not always pretty.

It's important to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you act in a way that doesn't align with the person that you want to be. This is where the learning happens, this is not where we beat ourselves up for being imperfect. 

For many of us, our default identity and default emotion has been programmed by our past experiences and our upbringing. It's important to note that old programming might not serve us anymore.

Exploring Our Identity As A Source of Empowerment or Disempowerment

Our identity and our beliefs about ourselves can either empower us or disempower us. 

I created this graphic to illustrate two contrasting identities: Success Identity and Failure Identity. Begin to notice which of these statements you use most often when dealing with life situations.


  • I get to
  • I can
  • I want to
  • I choose to
  • Anything is possible
  • There is always a way

RESULT: This type of thinking helps set us up for success. 

This type of thinking encourages us to:

  • Take responsibility for our life and actions
  • Believe we are capable of doing anything we put our mind to


  • I can’t
  • I have to
  • I should or should not
  • I must or must not
  • This can’t be done
  • It’s impossible

RESULT: This type of thinking holds us back and prevents us from showing up our best.

This type of thinking encourages us to:

  • View tasks as inconvenient, which gives away our power to choose to act willingly
  • Doubt oneself and not believe in our own abilities 

Shifting From Failure to Success

If you find yourself subconsciously adopting a Failure Identity, you can challenge it by questioning your beliefs.

This starts with becoming aware of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

It's important to remember that we can change our perception by questioning our beliefs.

  • If you say: I can’t
    • Then ask: Why can’t you? What is stopping you?
  • If you say: This can’t be done
    • Then ask: According to whom?
  • If you say: This is impossible
    • Then ask: What if it was possible?

When we do this, we are essentially trying to shift and reprogram our thoughts and beliefs. Start to dig deep and really get down to the core of your belief system.

If you continue to question your beliefs, eventually you will realize that you are in fact, capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. 


It's important to note that regardless of what you choose to believe about yourself, you are going to be correct.  

Let's explore this with an example: 

If you believe in yourself and the infinite abilities you possess, then you will take action and work tirelessly towards your goals and make them a reality for you. 

If you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, then you will be quick to steer away from things that challenge you and you will never live up to your full potential.

Evolving Our Identity to Support Our Success

As we continue to question our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions on a regular basis, we begin to change our perception.

When we change our perception, we begin to see things differently and this creates space for new life experiences. 

As new experiences emerge that contradict old programming, we naturally begin to evolve our identity and reprogram our mind to support our success.

Stay patient and stay kind. Wishing you all the best on your journey. 

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