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chaturanga core daily practice strength strength training strong core training training plan transverse abdominis tva Sep 15, 2020

Learn 5 Strength Focused Exercises to Help you Flow and Move from the Core with Ease

I’ve put together a short video with 5 exercises that I find to be incredibly efficient at building overall core strength and awareness.

If you want to learn to move your body with grace and learn to float into asanas with ease, start here by focusing on the fundamentals.

While working with the exercises in this video, remember that:

  1. Quality over quantity. If the training plan is too much at first, that's ok! Start from where you are. Alignment and awareness are everything. Remember that it's better to do less reps with good alignment and awareness than more reps with poor alignment.
  2. Practice this sequence OFTEN for maximum benefit (ideally 4 - 5 days per week).

If you do this, I can almost promise you that you will notice a substantial improvement in your overall core strength.

Consistency is key— practicing this sequence one time will NOT get you the benefits you’re looking for. Practice this sequence regularly and see what’s possible for you.

Wishing you the best of luck in practice! 



Low Boat Pose

5 sets: 30 - 45 seconds per set

Make sure you feel your TVA engaging like a corset (see TVA highlighted in photo below).



Dandasana Lift Up (L-sit)

5 sets: 20 - 30 seconds per set or max out

Engage TVA, pelvic floor, hip flexors, and try to press the blocks out and away from you.

Round your back like cat spine and lift your hips up and back.



Chaturanga Strengthener (Level 1 & Level 2)

3 sets: 5 pushups each set

Hug elbows in to the ribcage to engage Serratus anterior muscle on the side of the ribcage and the Lats on the back body (see highlighted in images below).



Lat Pushups

5 sets: 5 pushups each set

Try to hold the bent elbow position for 3 - 5 seconds each rep. 

Make sure you're feeling it in the Lats (as highlighted in the photo above).



Boat Pose to Pendant Pose (Navasana to Lolasana)

5 reps: 5 breaths in Boat pose + Inhale Lift to Pendant

From Boat pose, Inhale to lift up to Pendant Pose and pull hips up and back as best you can, exhale lower back to Boat pose and hold for 5 breaths. Repeat this 5 times in a row to build stamina.



  1. Low Boat Pose: 5 sets, 30 - 45 seconds per set
  2. Dandasana Lift Up (L-sit): 5 sets, 20 - 30 seconds per set or max out
  3. Chaturanga Strengthener (Level 1 & 2 options): 3 sets, 5 pushups each set
  4. Lat Pushups: 3 sets, 5 pushups each set
  5. Boat Pose to Pendant Pose: 5 reps, 5 breaths in Boat pose + Inhale Lift to Pendant

For maximum benefit and results, I recommend you practice this sequence 4 - 6 times per week. Remember, consistency is key! 

If you enjoyed this training, I highly recommend that you check out our 6 Week Mind-Body Transformation program! We work with these 5 exercises regularly throughout the program, plus many more! Solidify your foundation and transform body, mind, and life in the process! 

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